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Kent’s Snow Plowing and Snow Removal Company!

Let us handle all of your Kent Snow Plowing, Kent Snow Removal, and Kent Snow Salting / De-Icing needs.


GreenWise Grounds Care, LLC can help keep your commercial, industrial, medical or retail property safe with our Kent winter risk management services including; Snow Plowing, Sidewalk Clearing, Anti-Icing and de-icing services and snow relocation.


We are a Kent based snow removal company providing custom snow removal services to commercial areas such as corporate offices, shopping centers, medical facilities, retail stores, and industrial properties. Our dedicated team is available around the clock to assist you with all your Kent winter service needs.



Snow plowing is where it all begins. Our first step is formulating a personalized ‘Snow Management Plan.’ This plan will be our road map outlining how we will handle every type of winter event on your property. This plans will notate the locations of important information such as hydrant locations, handicap spots, sewer drains, snow piling locations etc. After a winter snow removal plan is formulated we will then perform a ‘pre-season inspection’ where our crews spend the time to stake all curb lines and any other hazards that cannot be seen when covered with snow and ice.



Sidewalks are hands down the largest liability on your property. Customers, employees and visitors are setting foot on your property every single day. It is our job to ensure that they are able to access your business safely without the hazards of snow and ice buildup. Our sidewalk crews will monitor your sidewalks and walkways throughout winter storms to clear snow and apply ice melt agents keeping your walkways, entrances and stairs safe & accessible.



We use advanced technology to our advantage to closely monitor impending winter storms. Hours and sometimes even days before a forecasted winter event, our teams are busy preparing. We can even apply a layer of granular or liquid anti-icing product to your walks and parking areas to eliminate bonding of snow and ice when a storm comes. Our crews are hard at work before the first snow flake flies!



Our priority is to ensure our clients properties remain safe and accessible throughout a winter storm event. We have access to hundreds of tons of bulk rock salt throughout our Kent service areas to ensure our crews always have the material they need to handle any level of winter weather event. Our crews use granular de-icing agents to maintain wet sidewalks throughout an event.



As the seasons change, so do our services. We offer Kent complete commercial snow removal and are always ready for whatever Mother Nature brings us during the winter months. Snow removal and snow plowing isn’t just a way to keep our crews busy during the winter months. At GreenWise, we are very serious and passionate about our snow division and are always thinking white, even when the Kent area is green. Clear communication in regards to service expectations, quality, reliability and price are the pillars of our success.


With GreenWise, you can drastically decrease liability from slip and fall incidents through the use of our accurate record keeping, innovative safety procedures, weather monitoring and our gps records of each and every one of our snow removal vehicles. We are experienced in handling the most challenging Kent snow events so you can be confident that your impression of our service and attentiveness to your needs will surely be satisfactory.

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