4 Summer Landscaping Trends for 2019

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4 Summer Landscaping Trends for 2019

Once the summer season arrives, more people head outdoors to enjoy the warm weather and get more use out of their exterior property. The summer season is also when more people begin improving their landscaping to show it off to the neighbors, as well as guests that they host. If you want to give your property a facelift, there are a few landscaping trends to consider for 2019.

Create a Private, Secluded Area

More people are looking to create an outdoor escape in their backyard where they can enjoy plenty of privacy. You can plant a garden that allows you to feel relaxed and able to unwind after a busy day. Consider using large hedges for added privacy and to prevent onlookers from getting a view of the area. The area can include a water feature or an arbor to enhance the style and beauty of the environment.

Patio Dining

During the summer, more people head outdoors to enjoy their meals and take in the beautiful views and weather. Consider installing new patio dining furniture, which will allow you to accommodate many people and feel comfortable while eating in the backyard. Look for furniture that contributes to the style of the backyard. Just make sure to cover it when not in use, especially on sunny days. It is important to cover furniture when not in use to protect the materials and increase its lifespan.

Asymmetrical Designs

More people are incorporating asymmetrical designs into their backyard, which has a natural feel and is also easier to maintain. The look complements the newer housing designs and is less fussy and predictable. Trying something new can have amazing results.

Outdoor Kitchen

When it comes to hosting your family members or friends, it is easier to spend time outside cooking and preparing the meal once the weather clears up. Building an outdoor kitchen can allow you to grill and prepare drinks in the backyard where there is plenty of room, and you won’t have to worry about your home becoming a mess with people coming in and out. You can even install a mini fridge and a bar.

Knowing the top landscaping features for 2019 will allow you to get ideas on how you want to redesign your outdoor space and create an environment that looks beautiful but is also functional. With the right features added, you will be more inclined to enjoy time outside.