10 Easy Tips for a Healthy Lawn

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10 Easy Tips for a Healthy Lawn

Having a healthy and green lawn can make a big difference in the looks of your property. It will increase your curb appeal and is more visually pleasing to enjoy during the spring and summer months. Here are ten easy tips for taking better care of your lawn.


  1. Clean Up Debris
    Gently rake any leaves that were left behind from last fall as well as any areas that have been weighed down by rain and snow to lift the grass back up.

  3. Dethatch and Aerate your Lawn
    Dethatching and aerating your lawn will allow vital air and nutrients to get to the roots of the grass. Aeration will also loosen up compact soil and break through your lawn’s thatch layer allowing it to breathe and grow.

  5. Seeding your Lawn
    Seeding or over seeding your lawn by using a premium high quality seed. You can re-pply yearly or even multiple times per year if needed in areas where you have bare spots or heavy traffic where your lawn is thinning out.

  7. Sharp Mower Blades
    A sharp mower blade will produce a cleaner cut which will help the grass blade heal quickly after it is mowed to prevent any lawn diseases. Dull mower blades tear the grass and leave jagged edges exposing the grass to diseases. GreenWise crews sharpen their mower blades daily to give your lawn the best cut possible.

  9. Trim and Edge your Lawn
    Trimming your lawn with a gas trimmer and power edger will help to tidy up your lawn’s edges giving it a cleaner, more finished look. Trimming and edging of all concrete areas will be performed as part of your lawn care service.

  11. Fertilize your Lawn and Be Patient
    Generally you’ll want to apply fertilizer in the fall. Take care not to put excess amounts of fertilizer on your lawn. You’ll need to be patient and wait for your lawn to become green and healthy. Using too much fertilizer will burn your lawn and leave you with a bigger problem to deal with. Using an organic lawn food may be slower acting than regular synthetic fertilizer, but you will benefit with a healthier lawn.

  13. Weed Treatment
    For a weed-free lawn it’s best to prevent weeds by applying a pre-emergent herbicide early on in the season to tackle weeds before they sprout. If it’s too late, you can try using a post-emergent herbicide that is designed to kill growing weeds.
  14. Water your Lawn
    Water your lawn regularly or install an irrigation system if you don’t have time to water with a hose and sprinklers. Try to maintain consistent moisture in the soil of your lawn rather than over watering for long periods of time. Your lawn only needs approximately 1-2 inches of water per week-depending to survive.
  15. Check for Insect Damage
    If you notice yellow spots in your lawn around mid-summer, you probably have an insect issue. You can treat your lawn with many natural pesticides or you can purchase chemical insecticides at your local big box store store.
  16. Let GreenWise take care of your Lawn
    Our easiest and most important tip is to let GreenWise Grounds Care handle all of your lawn care needs. We’ll take care of everything for you. Request a free online quote today!

Just follow these simple tips and you’ll be on your way to a healthier, greener lawn.