How much does lawn mowing cost?

So Just What Does Quality Lawn Mowing Cost?

Our goal is to make our pricing simple and transparent. Our lawn mowing cost are based on standardized pricing we have developed over the years, based upon your lot square footage. There are many variables that may cause the price to increase but these are the general guidelines we use for our pricing. These prices are per visit prices based on a weekly mowing schedule.


If you’re unsure of your properties square footage call our office or send us an email and we can use our satellite imaging software to get your exact measurements. You can also just request a quote here.

Variables That Can Affect The Price

Shape: A perfectly square lawn will take considerably less time to mow in comparison to an odd shaped lawn with multiple flowerbeds and obstacles scattered throughout.


Access: Fenced in yards with small gates prevent us from using larger mowing equipment, thus increasing the amount of time it takes to mow the fenced in section. Longer driveways or properties with limited or no street parking for our truck and trailer can also increase the time it takes to perform service. If we need to park a block away and transport the equipment that can increase the cost.


Overgrown lawns: If your yard is overgrown there can be an additional charge on the first visit. Additionally, yards that are treated and fertilized, irrigated, etc. can grow faster than what weekly mowing can keep up with through the growing season. This can cause the grass to be excessively tall and leave clumps when mowing, in turn our crews have to spend additional time cleaning up the clumps or cutting the grass twice to disperse these unsightly clumps. 

Frequently asked questions

On your very first mowing service, if the lawn is overgrown it can take the crew 2-3 times longer to mow the grass. This initial cut may cost extra but after the first cut your price will fall in alignment with the standard fees.

We have a minimum cost of $50 per mowing service. Even if your lawn is only 600 sq feet, we still must charge our $50 minimum per service. Trucks, trailers, insurance, fuel, equipment, payroll and other expenses dictate that we set a minimum fee for our time. We also need to account for travel time and how long a crew takes to get to your property. Also, our office staff & support staff take time to service and account for each clients’ billing, invoicing, and customer service. For more information on our pricing, please read this article.

We do not offer fertilization and weed control but have partnered with local companies to service our clientele. 

For a couple reasons, one, it makes it easier for you to budget a weekly payment. Second, you’re paying one flat, affordable weekly rate for professional lawn care and maintenance from professionals week after week. No large monthly bills that fluctuate month after month, and you can’t remember were they really here that day or did they do that. And third, having consistent cash flow allows us to better serve our clients and hire better employees.
We guarantee 100% satisfaction for our customers. We will do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy with the service you receive. If you are not happy with the service you received, we will do everything in our power to make it right. If you are still unsatisfied with our work, we will hire a company of your choice to fix or redo whatever you’re not satisfied with. It’s that simple!

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