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Commercial Shrub Trimming

Commercial Shrub TrimmingA freshly mowed lawn is only a small part of commercial grounds care. Shrubs are a crucial element commonly used in commercial landscaping, not only do shrubs create texture they also can add separation making for a beautiful landscape. Routine commercial shrub trimming is going to be critical to preserving the welcoming appearance of your commercial property. GreenWise Grounds Care, LLC can help you maintain the perfect appearance with our commercial shrub trimming and pruning services, ensuring that your employees, clients, and visitors alike are always welcomed by a beautiful landscape. We are able to customize packages to provide shrub trimming service at a frequency that suits the needs of your commercial property.


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Why Should You Have Your Business’s Shrubs Trimmed?

Hiring a skilled landscaping company to trim your shrubs enhances the appearance of your commercial property and gives a manicured look to your commercial landscape. Though many businesses choose to trim the shrubs predominantly for aesthetic reasons, there are also many other benefits of regular shrub maintenance. When shrubs are routinely trimmed and damaged or dead branches are removed, the overall health of the plant will improve.
Regular trimming also helps to:


  • Improve the natural beauty of your plants
  • Preserve the look of your original landscape design
  • Highlight the natural color of the shrubs
  • Maximize and prolong flower blooms


Customized Professional Trimming Service

We offer both shape pruning and commercial shrub trimming services in Portage, Summit and Southern Cuyahoga counties. Shrub maintenance services can be provided two, three or four times per year, or according to another schedule that suits your commercial property’s needs. The variety of your plants can also impact the best trimming schedule. We will be happy to speak with you about the requirements of the plants on your commercial property.
At GreenWise Grounds Care, LLC, we take the time to discuss with you exactly how your shrubs should be trimmed. We make sure all of this detailed information is conveyed to our landscape professionals to ensure that your properties needs are met. Our teams of landscape professionals are committed to providing superior workmanship and exceptional service for all of our commercial clients.



Call (216) 532-LAWN to schedule an appointment for a free consultation or Request a Quote online.



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